From Overwhelmed & Overworked to
Operating at Your NEXT Level
It’s time to LOVE your life. ALL of it!

Are you a high achiever?
Do you feel overwhelmed and overworked?
Are you ready to operate at your next level?

I’m glad you’re here! As a Mentor, Strategist and Consultant, I’ve spent the last two decades supporting thousands of women (and some men) to reach their goals and live their dreams – personally AND professionally. I understand you, because I’ve also lived with the struggles you’re experiencing. I’ve pushed myself to burnout twice in my career – because I didn’t understand what was happening and what it took to get to my next level.

I know what it’s like to be everything to everyone and end up feeling depleted in energy and time. I discovered I was operating from my Success Wound and that’s why I was overworking and not meeting my personal goals. And that’s why I’ve made it my life’s work to help you heal this deep wound so you can get to your next level and become successful in ALL areas of your life.

As a high achiever and performer that excels in every area of your life you want to fast-track your success. That’s where I come in.

I have helped my very busy, high achiever clients operate at their next level.

I’ve mentored clients to:
–  Accept a position at a high level dream job and created the work/life balance she was craving. She keeps getting promotions and raises now without even trying and is truly loving her job and personal life
– Shift from struggling to make 6 figures to making 7 figures in their business while learning how to be present and have fun daily without escaping to a vacation or getting sick all the time
– Create and up level their businesses while having a personal life that is intentional and amazing
– Change old work and relationship patterns that were keeping them overworked and away from dating and finding their partner

– Work a busy teaching schedule at the University until they graduated with their PhD to become a tenured faculty teacher
– Sell their busy, high-end, specialty dental practice and moved across the country to start another in their dream city by the Pacific Ocean
– Work in high pressure sales positions as they went through cancer surgeries and treatments to creating a healthier work environment
– Support multiple high performance women through their conception journey with struggling to get pregnant to having the babies
– Leave relationships after 10 or 20 years that were abusive or roommate partnerships while creating more freedom and joy in their lives

I love to help you create work/life balance so you can learn to slow down, be present, stop feeling the need to rush so you can relax and do more things that bring you joy in your life and relationships.

Your dreams are yours to fulfill. I help you REACH them so you can live them.
Your dreams don’t belong on the back burner of someday.

If you are ready to explore how to operate at your next level in your life, I invite you to apply here, to see how I can support you in one of my programs.

How Can Lisa Support You?

As a Spiritual Medium & Mentor, Energy Strategist, Reiki Master, Mindset & Energy Consultant and an Emotional Projector in Human Design, I intuitively help you reach your goals faster, break through your barriers and step into amazing possibilities you didn’t even see.

Intuitive Mentoring – Having the time and energy to do what you really want to do can be overwhelming when you’re already maxed out. There are so many possibilities – and so many old patterns in charge trying to hold you back. Fears and old beliefs that you’ve been taught will appear. You will have moments where you fall into your old patterns and routines and think you can’t have or do what you want to do.

There is no effective cookie cutter approach to get you to that next level and this is where Intuitive Mentoring with a Spiritual Medium comes in. I become one with your energy and see what you’re doing with it and how it’s not aligned for where you want to go. I can also see where you’re putting your energy, how it’s fragmented and the way others are impacting you from moving forward. I see your best path and how to get there quickly. I help you clear, balance and align your energy so you can move forward with your goals. You’ll learn to dream even bigger and confidently know which steps to take next. You will learn how to recognize and let go of your self-sabotaging and victim patterns that appear so you can release them and keep moving forward.

Energy Strategizing & Healingrelease the old experiences, beliefs and patterns you’re holding onto so you don’t feel stuck. Unlike other healers that have learned their modalities, I was born with my abilities as a Spiritual Medium. I am here to help you heal your energy AND teach you strategies that have you leveling up in all areas of your life.

It’s time to release what no longer supports you so you can create new patterns, beliefs and processes that do. You know it’s time to change this cycle you’re stuck in. And you may be aware of some areas that are holding you back. But like most of my clients, it’s likely you’re not aware of the subtle, unconscious energy pieces that are the last layers holding you stuck on your current path. As we work together, you will master energy techniques that are intuitively customized for you to help you stay on track and moving forward.  You will feel AMAZING and those around you will notice a difference in how you’re showing up in the world.

Supportive Community It’s common to get resistance from your loved ones when you start to make changes in your life. It’s hard because your friends and family WILL put their personal fears and beliefs onto you which is more about them than you – and they like you where you are – even if they say they don’t. Everyone gets comfortable doing the same dances but that doesn’t mean it works for you anymore.

Imagine having a like-minded community that is also on the same journey as you to master their time, energy and relationships. These incredible people are cheering you on so you can keep moving forward, especially when life pushes you into old patterns.  A community full of high performers who are making the same changes in their personal lives is the nurturing container you’re missing. 

Imagine living a life you LOVE in ALL areas of your life. It’s time!

And yes, I work online with clients around the world. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make an intentional decision to change the direction of your life. You know the time is now! I invite you to apply here, let’s see how I can support you as you reach your next level.



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