Reach your personal and professional goals with ease
while navigating all the things that try to hold you back.
It’s time to LOVE your life. ALL of it!

Are you ready to REACH your goals? To LIVE your dreams? To have it ALL?
Is your circle supporting you or making you question what you want?
Are you used to investing in yourself and hiring high-end support?

I’m glad you’re here! My specialty is intuitively guiding you on your best path in all areas of your life. I help you reach your goals and dreams with support, clarity, confidence and ease. I have been guiding people to have it all since I was a little girl and I have spent over two decades using my “super powers” as my clients call them to help them live lives they love.

I bet you’re more successful in your work than you are in your personal life and you’re ready to be successful in all areas of your life.

I have helped clients get their PhD, sell their specialty practice, go through cancer surgeries and treatments, on their conception journey with struggling to get pregnant to having the babies, leave relationships after 10 or 20 years that were abusive or roommate partnerships, heal their relationships with their parents and family, go from struggling to make 5 figures to making high 6 figures, stop hustling and live a life they love, learn to connect with those that have passed, make big moves across the country to where they actually want to live and so much more. Your dreams are yours so that you can REACH them and I help you live them.

You know it’s time for you to hire support and you want a supportive community cheering you on as you break old patterns and make new ones that support you. You’ve worked with therapists, other coaches, and you always hire the right people to help you reach whatever goal you have in mind.

If you are ready, I invite you to apply here, to see how my program can support you in making this change easier with my abilities, skills and community.

How Can Lisa Support You?

As a Spiritual Medium, Healer, Reiki Master and an Emotional Projector in Human Design, I help you reach your goals faster, break through your barriers and step into amazing possibilities you didn’t even see.

Intuitive CoachingKnowing what to do next and making choices that are the most empowering for you can be overwhelming. There are so many possibilities – and so many old patterns in charge trying to hold you back. Fears and old beliefs that you’ve been taught will appear. You will have moments where you want to play smaller and think you can’t have or do what you want to do.

There is no effective cookie cutter approach to reaching your goals and dreams and this is where Intuitive Coaching with a Spiritual Medium comes in.  I become one with your energy and see what you’re doing with it and how it’s not aligned. I can also see where you’re putting your energy, how it’s fragmented and the way others are impacting you. I know what your best path is and how to get there. I help you clear, balance and align your energy so you can move forward with your goals. You’ll learn to dream even bigger and confidently know which steps to take next. You will learn how to recognize and let go of your self-sabotaging and victim patterns that appear so you can release them and keep moving forward.

Energy HealingEnergy healing helps you release the old experiences, beliefs and patterns you’re holding onto so you don’t feel stuck. Unlike other healers that have learned their modalities, I was born with my abilities as a Spiritual Medium. I live in the light and I am here to heal your energy. Change is often a rollercoaster – having a Spiritual Medium to guide you through powerful energy practices helps you stay in balance each day, throughout the day.

It’s time to release what no longer supports you so you can create new patterns, beliefs and processes that do. You know it’s time to change. And you may be aware of some areas that are holding you back. But like most of my clients, it’s likely you’re not aware of the subtle, unconscious energy pieces that are the last layers holding you stuck on your current path. As we work together, you will master energy techniques that are intuitively customized for you to help you stay on track and moving forward.  You’ll no longer take on other’s dramatic energy so you can focus on recharging yours. You will feel AMAZING and those around you will notice a difference in how you’re showing up in the world.

Supportive Community It’s common to get resistance from your loved ones when you tell them about your exciting, new goal. It’s hard because your friends and family WILL put their personal fears and beliefs onto you as you are making this change. This means you question your steps, decisions and goals and it creates more stress and confusion for you – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine having a like-minded community that is also on the same journey as you to master their energy and heal their life. These incredible people are cheering you on so you can keep moving forward, especially when doubts start to appear.  A loving and supportive community where you feel like you belong is the nurturing container you’re missing. Plus you’ll have my love and energetic support in the program. 

Imagine living a life you LOVE. It’s time!

And yes, I work online with clients around the world. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make an intentional decision to change the direction of your life. You know the time is now! I invite you to apply here, let’s see how I can support you as you reach your goals and  live your dreams!



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