Meet Lisa

Lisa is a Spiritual Medium & Mentor, Author and Mindset & Energy Consultant.

She provides intuitive mentoring, energy strategizing & healing and a supportive community to help you go from overwhelmed and overworked to operating your next level.

As a Medium, she was born with her abilities to become ONE with your energy which allows her to intuitively align and balance energy. She can also see past lives, spirits, energies, other energy that is impacting you, and she is psychic.

Her programs are high touch and focus on helping you  master your time, relationships, mindset and energy so you can have it ALL in your professional AND personal life. Lisa started intuitively guiding & supporting people with her abilities when she was a little girl. Since 2002, Lisa has combined her intuitive abilities with healing, coaching, mentoring and strategizing.

She also works with you to get to the root of your Success Wound by releasing those fears, family patterns, beliefs, energies and other life experiences that have kept you stuck on a path to exhaustion that isn’t working. She teaches simple practices that get you amazing results.

Lisa not only teaches balance but she lives it everyday.  She hustled for years and pushed herself to her physical limits and now helps you create a work/life balance that you’ll love. Lisa is a Reiki Master, a Human Design  Emotional Projector 4/6 and has been clearing energy and helping her clients level up since she was a child. Her clients say her work is special, custom, unlike anything they’ve experienced with another healer and makes them feel amazing while reaching their goals. Lisa LOVES to create community, share her skills and be REAL.

Currently, she lives in San Diego, California with her soul-mate husband, 2 teenage daughters and the family Golden Retriever.

Learn more about Lisa’s work and the clients she has helped. Schedule a Connection Call with Lisa here.