Meet Lisa

My specialty is using all of my intuitive abilities to help you feel balanced, supported and guided through your relationship or career transition. I am a “one stop” healer for all your energy work support.

As a Spiritual Medium and healer, I was born into an intuitive family with abilities to become ONE with your energy to help you reclaim your power, relationships, health and energy.

I can see, sense, hear and feel energy, including spirits and negative energies, and read past, current and future energy (which has free will to shift). As a Reiki Master, all energy work and chakra clearing is done in a place of light and love and is intuitively guided each time.

I am able to do energy clearings for spirits, energies and properties (houses, rooms, land, etc.) and teach you how to do it too. I am able to work with anything that gives off energy, including children and pets. I work with not only you, but the energy around you as well. Originally on a career path to being a hospice nurse (to help people cross over and help the families with the transition), my senior year shifted into intuitively empowering and guiding my patients back to energetic balance.

As a Transformation and Intuitive Energy Coach since 2002, I have combined my intuitive abilities with coaching so you can be supported, empowered and guided during the change in your life. We get to those fears, family patterns, beliefs, energies and other life experiences that are guiding you AND we do energy work to help you get back onto your best path.

I currently offer in person, guided energy work meditations at Driftwood Spa, Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara and offered them for two years at The Spa at the Inn in Rancho Santa Fe.

The energy work is very encompassing and powerful. My clients see amazing results and are empowered onto their best path. I am physically only able to work with three clients a day as the energy work is like running a marathon on my body. I not only teach balance, but I live it.

You, as well as those around you, will notice a change in how you live your daily life when you work with me. One of my clients just said, “I can’t believe you give away such powerful tools”. Yes, I do, because it is time for you to align and make a shift now. To do that, we have to use powerful energy tools, all based in light and love.

Currently, Lisa lives in San Diego, California with her family.