I Can Have it ALL 

Lasting Happiness

Work is your passion and while you ARE successful in your career, you are not living the freedom lifestyle you originally envisioned.

You keep pushing yourself to exhaustion and you’re at or near your breaking point. This is not meant to be a badge of honor, this is your WARNING sign.

It is time for you to:
– Stop feeling overwhelmed and depleted EVERY day
– Cease self-sabotage
– Have more TIME and ENERGY for a life outside of work 
– Be present and in this moment
– Stop being everything for everyone around you
– Make self-care an easy priority
– Learn how to enjoy this amazing life you are creating
– Increase your abundance and energy
– Love ALL areas of your life again

That drive for more success has taken over your life and it’s leaving you feeling unfulfilled AND at your breaking point.

It’s time to RESET and get back to the life you envisioned for yourself.

“I can honestly say that working with Lisa Gornall has changed my life and my business.” – Jessica

This program is designed for career driven women who want it ALL.


What you get:

24 Semi-private, Training & Intuitive Energy Work –  Group Coaching Calls with Lisa – 90 minutes – twice a month

3 Night Rejuvenating Retreat in San Diego

1 day LIVE EVENT in San Diego

60 minute, Dive Deep Energy Session with Lisa to get you started when you join the program (if not in Private Program)

60 minute, one on one, private session with Lisa once a quarter (if not in Private Program)

A physical copy of Lisa’s trilogy “In Light & Love” series

Access to a private community for mindset and energy support

Let’s see if this is the perfect program for you, apply for a Connection Call with Lisa.


What RESULTS you can expect:

– Stop anxiety and limiting beliefs from running your career
– Learn how to easily prioritize time for you
– Sleep easily and restfully at night
– Find fulfillment and joy in your relationships
– Reclaim your energy and love for life
– Be present and in the moment where your power is
– Wake up ready and excited to start the day
– Reach your goals without hustling
– Create balance in all areas of your life
– Live the freedom lifestyle you originally envisioned
– Have a renewed vigor for your life



WHAT happens in each coaching call?

In the 90 minute online call, we:

– Address each participant’s concerns 
– Training from “I Can Have it ALL” program
– Learn and practice simple tools to empower you
– Open Q&A
– Experience intuitively customized energy work for the group

HOW long does this program last?

The program is 12 consecutive months which gives you time to learn and integrate the energy work as well as provide ongoing support to heal triggers throughout the year. 

Open enrollment throughout the year.

How to know if you’re ready…

Are you ready to fix what isn’t working anymore for you BEFORE you hit your breaking point?

Here’s the thing, as a career driven woman myself – I KNOW what is holding you back, how to help you get to that next level and I help you fix what isn’t working in your life anymore.

I also know that you do a lot on your OWN. You’ve had to but there are things you have to hire people to help you do. A key to success is operating in your zone of genius and hiring other experts to help you with everything else. Energy work IS one of those things. And there are many big names using energy consultants to help them be the best.

EVERY person that has wanted to work with me and didn’t, I see them on social media still struggling with the EXACT same things they came to me months ago, a year ago or longer for!  

Chances are that if you could fix this on your own, you would have by now. There’s a reason why it’s been so hard for you to make the changes on your own. Patterns and beliefs run in families and across lifetimes. Do you even know what is energetically guiding you or keeping you stuck right now, how to clear it, reprogram it and refocus? That’s what I was born to help you with and so much more!

If you fix what isn’t working anymore for you BEFORE you hit your breaking point is so much easier! I have the process and intuitive ability to get you back into the lifestyle you originally envisioned for yourself.


WHAT Lisa’s clients are saying:

“Lisa Gornall thank you for teaching me this! I could not be where I am today without working with you! You have changed my life for the better!! I am so so blessed to be one of your clients! Ladies, if you can not do private sessions with Lisa, please sign up for her group sessions! It has been life-changing!! She will seriously help you and empower you to do whatever it is you are searching for or changes needed to better your life! Lisa has also helped me beyond myself to help and empower my children! One of my children desperately needed help and is now thriving because of the changes and ways Lisa has empowered me to empower him!! It is so worth it if you are considering it!!” San Marcos, CA

“Thank you for everything! You have helped me tremendously! You have really helped me to open my eyes and know that it’s not selfish to take care of myself and do what makes me happy. I’ve learned to bring in the white light especially when things get tough. Also, to listen to my mind and change it when negativity gets me. Thank you! “ November Program Participant

“Lisa really challenged me while supported me and I needed that. Working with her has relieved a lot of my stress. She taught me to bring in the white light when I’m stressed or anxious or overwhelmed and take a few breathes and really ask myself how important is this really? Or is this really about me and do I need to do something about it? Most of the time I hear “let it go” so I do and I feel so much better! I had been taking on other people stuff energetically. Lisa taught me how to let that go and then how to not take any more energy of others and how to deflect it. If you’re looking for more peace and clarity in your life Lisa is great at helping you find that peace that was always there.” February Program Participant

“I really enjoyed working with you Lisa! My favorite parts of your sessions were the energy clearings at the end. I felt lighter and calmer after each session like I just did an hour long meditation or something.” February Program Participant

“Lisa blows my mind, each time I work with her I feel I become a little less hazy in the brain. I was struggling with the big question “what is my purpose and how can I be living it”. After working with Lisa consistently, I have reached a whole new level of clarity and that I am so grateful for. Before I was feeling so much pressure from myself and my family as to what I was going to do career wise. Lisa helped me figure out how to let go of that pressure and surrender to the flow. Once I cleared away the junk and released all my expectations and where I think I should be, and surrendered the clarity came through. I am feeling more at peace and like I am finally flowing with the universe and I can trust that I will be lead exactly where I need to be in the future. I wouldn’t have been able to come to this without Lisa’s aid and her awesome books filled with great tools. She’s helped me to reclaim my power and lead me to serenity. Very grateful!” March Program Participant

“I just loved it all. I felt coached. I felt challenged and guided. I feel like I have new friends. Lisa helped me get clear on my purpose. She gave me tools to help with letting go and stepping into my abundance. After working with Lisa I felt like I had clear steps to take towards my passions and callings.” March Program Participant

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