Success Wound™

In my decades of working with high performers, I realized there was something that was energetically driving them to exhaustion, overwhelm and their breaking point. 

I discovered this constant drive to do more and create more their Success Wound. But when left unhealed, it keeps them in a vicious cycle of overworking and over performing that leads them to stress leave, burnout and even quitting. 

The goal of my Success Wound™ offers is to keep your high performers from hitting their breaking point. When your high performers keep operating from their Success Wound they end up getting bitter, angry and resentful as they experience the cost of overgiving at work that negatively impacts their personal life. 

When their Success Wound drives them, they don’t know how to create a sustainable work/life balance. Part of what you want to do is to retain and keep your high performers happy.

Success Wound™ Offers:

Since 2019, Lisa has been offering the Success Wound training around the world in workshops, at live events and in retreats. It’s also a course taught heavily in Lisa’s I Can Have it All™ Mastermind and in The Successful High Peformer Program™. Lisa has many ways to support your high performers with her Success Wound offers but the longer Lisa is able to work with your high performer, the better the results and the deeper the changes.

Regardless of which offer you choose, the Success Wound has been adapted into the offers below to give your high performer instant answers and pivotal insights to create real change to prevent burnout, stress leave, and increase employee retention.

Success Wound Training: This is a one hour training with an overview of the Success Wound. The focus is to help your high performers recognize what specifically is driving them and gives them tools to start to create new patterns when their Success Wound appears to prevent burnout and stress leave.

Success Wound Energetic Support: These are private, 1:1 sessions with Lisa to help your high performer have customized support with Lisa to move faster quickly. This is a 2 month program where together we will identify what is driving them to overwork and overwhelm and how to stop those patterns and create new ones. We will go through the 4 steps of the Success Wound and also create a plan to master their time, relationships, mindset and energy.

Success Wound Semi-Private Sessions: In this group setting, Lisa helps your high performers in a 6 or 12 month program recognize their patterns to create new ones and this includes the 4 steps of the Success Wound Program. They will also master their time, relationships, mindset and energy so they can reach their goals and love their life.

Success Wound Retreat: One of my favorite ways to support your high performers is in a retreat setting. This all inclusive retreat allows them to recharge and begin to heal their Success Wound. We will dive into my Success Wound Program training over the 3 nights with much needed time to rejuvenate as well as process to create sustainable success and work-life balance. 

Success Wound Team Consulting: How can Lisa best support your high performers and prevent burnout? This is a custom program that can include private 1:1 sessions, 30 or 60 minute group training sessions, accountability check ins and the Success Wound Retreat.

Interested in helping your high performers create a sustainable work/life balance? Let’s strategize how I can best support your high performers to help them operate sustainably at their next level.

Burnout and stress leave are completely preventable.