Lisa specializes in intuitively becoming one with your energy to help you get back in balance. Literally, she was born with an ability to feel, see and know what you are holding onto, why, and what will help you let it go and replace it with positive energy. Lisa literally feels all the energy in your body which helps you get to the core of any pattern, belief or energy that is holding you back and she teaches you how to re-balance your energy, no matter what is happening around you. Every time you work with Lisa, it is intuitively tailored to you in that moment. The goal is to lift your energy up and to get you back in balance and back on your path. Everything Lisa does energetically while working with you is from a place of love and is to help heal, free and balance your energy. A safe place is always created for clients to work and reconnect with their own inner guidance.

What does working with Lisa actually look like? Every experience is different because your energy changes. Whether online or in person, clients say it is like meeting with a good friend that supports you no matter what you say, how you feel or what you have done. There will be energy work to help you get back in balance and on your path. Whether working with Lisa individually or as part of a group (speaking, workshop, guided meditation or retreat) you will feel peace, calm and relaxed like you had a massage, yet you were never physically touched. She teaches you and energetically supports you in balancing your energy from within so you do not become dependent on her, rather yourself.

Clients say that they start working with Lisa at the perfect time for them. Perhaps you find her now and it takes you a little time to be ready to work with her. For others, they find out about Lisa and start working with her immediately. There is no right or wrong, only what is the right timing for you. Do not worry or be afraid of what Lisa will tell you. She will not tell you something you do not already know to be true and you will be guided to heal things in your life as you are ready. Most of Lisa’s clients are new to energy work and they come to her because something in their life is not right anymore and they do not know what to do or how to begin to change it. When you are ready to work with Lisa you will know, and she offers many options such as Alignment sessions, retreats, energy clearings, speaking, workshops and meditations to help you in the best way for you right now.

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How Lisa Can Help You

Lisa was born with her intuitive abilities and she uses them to get to the core of whatever is keeping you from being in balance. She is here to help you get back in balance and she teaches you how to do it yourself, from within. More