What does working with Lisa actually look like? Every session is different because your energy changes. Whether on the phone, in person or on Skype, clients say it is like meeting with a good friend that supports you no matter what you say, how you feel or what you have done. Lisa will begin by asking you what you would like to work on. The moment you start talking, she becomes one with your energy and she will bring important energetic pieces to the surface that you do not mention or think to mention that will tie into why you are having an Alignment Session that day. There will be energy work, how much and how long depends on what you are working on. The energy work will involve some guided letting go, refilling with positive energy, affirmations and homework for you to keep practicing. You will leave your session feeling empowered and on track. You will feel peace, calm and relaxed like you had a massage, yet you were never physically touched.

Every time you work with Lisa, it is intuitively tailored to you in that moment. The goal is to lift your energy up and to get you back in balance and back on your path, whatever that means for you in that moment. Lisa does not judge you, you judge yourself enough! Everything Lisa does energetically while working with you is from a place of love and is to help heal and free your energy. Lisa teaches you and energetically supports you in balancing your energy from within so you do not become dependent on her, rather yourself. A safe place is always created for clients to work and reconnect with their own inner guidance.

Clients say that they start working with Lisa at the perfect time for them. Perhaps you find her now and it takes you a little time to be ready to work with her. For others, they find out about Lisa and start working with her immediately. There is no right or wrong, only what is the right timing for you. Do not worry or be afraid of what Lisa will tell you. She will not tell you something you do not already know to be true and you will be guided to heal things in your life as you are ready. Most of Lisa’s clients are new to energy work and they come to her because something in their life is not right anymore and they do not know what to do or how to begin to change it. When you are ready to work with Lisa you will know, and you will find that your sessions will not only feel magical but they will help you move along your path at the perfect pace for you.

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Understanding Negative Energy

Many things are shifting right now and you will find that you are ready to be free, move forward and get unstuck. That is no accident! We are all being pushed right now to let go of the things that are holding us back so we can step into our purpose in a bigger way. So let's understand more about this other energy that is guiding us, keeping us stuck and learn how to let it go! Negative Energy Negative energy is the absence of love and visually we see love as light. Think about when you are having a bad day, it feels dark and often you overcome it by doing something to help you shake it or move back to a positive place, a place of love and light. You see the negativity better in the dark and on cloudy days. You see love better in the light, sunny days. Negativity is spread easily and often. When you are afraid, worry about someone else or something, think bad thoughts about someone, get mad at someone, etc...you are spreading negative energy. This energy is a little easier to clear than the negative energies in the next section. Negative Energies, Entities, Demons, etc. Negative Energies are things that attach to your energy, a chakra or two if they really are hooked into you. These energies take more energy to get rid of because they do not want to leave. Remember the movie, "Ghost," the black/gray things that would go into the sewers? That is what these look like. How do they attach? You let them. I know that is not what you want to hear and it seems scary but at some point, whatever you were dealing with, you allowed them to attach to you to "help" you with something. What do they "help" you with? Let's be clear. They do not really help you. It is an illusion they are helping you. They need you, they do not exist without your energy. You do not need them in any way. You typically let them in when you are in a bad place and they stay and get more powerful as you give them more power over you. When do they attach to you?

  1. When you are afraid. It is crazy to think about but when you are afraid sometimes you do not want to be alone, so you let them attach to you to "help" you. They will remain with you until you let them go. They often try to keep you in the place of fear otherwise you will let them go. Often, you have to do letting go to overcome the original fear and then let go of the energy as well.
  2. When you are in a situation that you do not want to leave but cannot stay without trying to leave, you will often allow an energy to attach to you to keep you there. By allowing this energy to attach to you, you are keeping yourself stuck, you lower your energy and you make it possible to stay in that relationship or job that is no longer working but you are not quite ready to leave yet.
How to free your energy? Let them go. The moment you are aware of the negative energy you are creating (or allowing into your life) or the energies you have attached to you, you no longer need them. It is time to let them go and free yourself. You just put yourself in White Light and you Let Go of whatever negativity you are holding onto. Then you refill that space with I am Statements Letting go of negativity and energies is something I was born being able to see and do. You have the ability to let them go too (after all you let them in) but sometimes you need help the first few times because they seem scary and you are uncertain and they will feed on that. If so, you know how to reach me. I'm happy to help.  Let's move forward. The Solar Eclipse has done some clearing for us, to keep it clear you have to do your part with your energy. What are you holding onto and why? Does it help or hurt you? How are you affecting the people around you. We are all connected, so the more we individually free our energy, the better it is for us all! In light & love! Lisa


How I Can Help You

I was born with my intuitive abilities and I use them to get to the core of whatever is keeping you from being in balance. I am here to help you get back in balance and I teach you how to do it yourself, from within.