Paranormal Sessions

As a Spiritual Medium, I am a big believer that YOU have the ability to:

  • – Communicate directly with spirits and deceased loved ones
  • – Clear your energy of negativity entities, curses and more
  • – Clear your house, land, and workspace of negative energy and spirits

You are intuitive. You have abilities.
All you need is a little guidance – that’s where I come in.

Whether you want to connect with a spirit, release a negative energy or energetically clear out your house, I’ll support you and help you LEARN HOW to do it on your OWN.

“I went into my session with an open-mind and I left with my questions answered and a new opportunity that I didn’t have before. Lisa took her time to ensure that I was understanding and achieving the steps to connect with my Grandma.” Beattie, KS

How I Use My Abilities as a Medium to Offer You Paranormal Support:

Connecting & Communicating with Spirits and Your Deceased Loved Ones

I have the ability to hear, see and communicate with spirits. I help you learn how to connect with the spirits that you want to connect with. 

  • – You will learn how to recognize this spirit when you call it to you or when it comes to visit you. 
  • – You will learn how to communicate what you want to say to this spirit.
  • – And most importantly – the piece most people struggle with – you will learn how to recognize this spirit and hear what it is trying to communicate to you.

Clearing Your Energy of Negative Energies, Curses and More

I have the ability to see negative energy, feel in my body where it is affecting you and how to release it.

  • – You will learn to recognize when you have a negative energy, curse, entity, demon, alien etc attached to you.
  • – You will learn WHY it is attached to you – what it is “helping” you with and what to let go of to prevent that from happening again.
  • – And most importantly, you will learn how to clear it and what to do the next few days to not allow it to come back.

Clear Your House, Land and Space

I have the ability to see where energy is being stored and why, how to release it and realign and balance the area. 

  • – You will learn to differentiate the energy in your house, where people drop energy, and to recognize any visitors – spirits or negative energy.
  • – You will learn how to clear your house and how to refill it with energy.
  • – And most importantly – you’ll be given tools to support the family members that keep bringing in the energy you don’t want in that area.

You can choose any or all of the above to work on in your paranormal session.

What you get: 

Choose between a 30 or 60 minute session with Lisa

You can add additional people to join you in the session at $100 for each additional person

Pre-session check in to make sure we touch on all the topics important to you in your session

You will receive a 35 page pdf workbook – “Energetically Addressing Paranormal Experiences” by Lisa Gornall – with energy exercises on each of the 3 areas above to support you in energy clearing.

Most importantly, you’ll have the ability to address future paranormal experiences with the right tools to heal the situation.

Next Steps:

Purchase the session that is best for you.

You will be emailed a link to my calendar to pick the best day and time for you.
It will also have the Zoom link for you to join me at for your session.
Also, a link to your pre-session form for you to fill out to ensure we address the topics most important to you.

Once day and time is selected, you and each participant (if additional participants have been added) will receive a coaching agreement that must be signed prior to our session together. 

“Energetically Addressing Paranormal Sessions” workbook by Lisa Gornall will be emailed to you within 72 hours of signing the agreement.

Want to learn even more before your session before I support you? Here’s my How to: Paranormal & Energy Clearings section on my YouTube channel.

“I reached out to Lisa when I had been thinking of my deceased Grandma for awhile. I booked a session immediately, and Lisa helped answer the questions that I was having as well as mentored me on how I can connect with my Grandma on my own in the future without having to book additional sessions. It was a transcendent experience and more than I could have ever imagined it to be. I am so grateful for Lisa and for her sharing her gifts.” Beattie, KS