High performing team members are invaluable. They are your “A players”.
You want to RETAIN them on your team.

Being a high performer they tend to overwork because they want to succeed. However this puts them at high risk for burnout when they don’t know how to create a sustainable work/life balance.

They want to be valuable and they are internally driven.
You can’t train someone to become a high performer.
They either are or they aren’t.

High performers are good at what they do – they strive for excellence. Often getting more tasks delegated to them because they’ll somehow produce and get it done. They even volunteer to do more because it helps them feel more successful. They’re the ones that will pick up the slack of other team members who are not optimally performing. High performers see what needs to get done and they do it.

They will try and do it all, it’s what they do. But eventually they will hit their breaking point. You may recognize this as someone being forced to take sick leave because of an acute illness, sustaining an injury, personal reasons that impact the quality of their work and ultimately burnout aka stress leave. Because your high performer will be forced to take time away from work to heal and they are inherently driven, they will hit their breaking point more than once until they realize how to create a sustainable work/life balance.

High performers are driven in a way that other workers aren’t. I know this because I am one and I can recall countless events where I put myself in harm’s way because I didn’t know how to stop overworking. This ultimately short changed my employers. 

I discovered years ago that the Success Wound is what drives high performers to be successful. But when left unhealed, it continually drives them to their breaking point. They end up getting bitter, angry and resentful as they experience the cost of overgiving at work that negatively impacts their personal life.

There are many consultants out there trying to help you have a high performance team. This isn’t what your high performers need. They are naturally going to perform. Checking in and asking them how they’re doing isn’t effective for them. They’ll tell you they’re fine, even when they’re not and they’re struggling with their workload. What they need to learn is to create balance in their work environment so they can continue to perform consistently.

High performers deliver 400% more productivity than the average performer. They leave when they feel unsupported, don’t have the titles or compensation they’d like for the work they do and when the position is no longer helping them grow. You don’t want to lose a single high performer from your team – the work they do for you is invaluable and they’re hard to replace.

High performers require a customized support approach. I’ve created that for you with this program to help them learn how to create sustainable success in and out of work, while truly feeling supported.


This program is ideal for start up companies, leaders, high performance teams and your high performers that are on the verge of stress leave, burnout or leaving your company.

These are not traits that will keep your high performers healthy, productive and happy at work:
Maxed out timewise
Relationships are falling apart, non-existent or not working
Running on empty and on the path to burnout
Don’t feel successful

Program Goals:

Work-life balance to keep your people happy
Relationship strategies to foster successful relationships
Customized meditations and self-care practices to prevent stress leave and recharge energy
Success Wound training to prevent burnout
To retain and keep your high performers happy, engaged and performing sustainably

The Four Systems in this Program:

Time Management – Your Freedom System
Love Your Life, Love Your Work

Relationship Strategies – Your Communication System
Love Yourself, Love Your People

Thriving Energy Systems – Your Balance System
Love Your Health, Love Your Workplace

Mindset Strategies – Your Success System
Love Your Wellbeing, Love Your Success



What You Get in the Program:

Working together with your high performers and their team, you’ll see the following shifts in these metrics:
-A supportive work environment
-Decreased conflict amongst the team
-Decreased stress and sick leave
-Employee retention
-Cohesive teams

6 month or 12 month program available

Learn more about the program here.

Schedule a strategy call to see how I can best support your high performers in becoming The Successful High Performer. Let’s protect your most important assets by helping them create sustainable success and work-life balance.