Please check out her video testimonials HERE.

“You have such an effect on me that no one else has. I feel so good. You help me lift so much stress and tension from my body.” Dublin, Ireland

“I am so thankful for all that you are and all you bring to this world. You are light, love, happiness, peace, fun, gifted, and oh so much more! Receive gifts today knowing YOU are the gift to everyone around you.” Nashville, TN

“Lisa Gornall is an amazing speaker and instructor. She was kind enough to offer her services to help my students learn how to face life obstacles with breath and grace. Ms. Gornall is a true teacher of the heart. Thank you for your open spirit and generosity of knowledge.” Professor Avalos at California State University San Marcos

“I love the way you work! You truly go with the flow and have an ease about you that helps make it feel effortless. You are clear and connected vs vague and ambiguous. But the natural and in the moment style that you work is awesome! Sessions are also complete. I leave feeling like I got there. Meaning, whatever question I might have had in the beginning, it is answered by the end of the session. And here’s the best part. The answer might not be to the question I had in my head at the beginning of the session. Woah! Often, the answer is a deeper sense of completion. So it’s the “real” answer that was needed…even if the question or need I had was only presented to me subconsciously.” San Diego, California

“I am ever so grateful to Lisa for her wisdom, intuition and guidance. She is a special person who immediately puts you at ease during a session. She is genuine, sincere and warm. Be careful what you ask, for she will have the answer! The exercises Lisa teaches you are an invaluable tool to survive the stresses of life. You feel more balanced and centered during and after. The White Light has truly been a revelation. I am grateful to have met Lisa and to have her books at hand. They really do speak to me and are a great source of positivity.” Dublin, Ireland

“Prior to my first session with Lisa, I felt lost and that my environment wasn’t very supportive. So much chaos and drama around me. When I first met with Lisa, she taught me about White Light energy and how I can channel it to help me. I love that she wasn’t just clearing my energies, but teaching me about how I can bring the White Light in anytime on my own. I’m more confident in believing in my intuition and how the universe supports me with Love and Light. I feel more positive energy, encouragement, and that I’m on the right path in life. Thank you Lisa for your patience, guidance, and kindness.” Poway, California

“I call you my ‘soul coach’, as you seem to tap into the physical and metaphysical. You calm my soul and bring great wisdom and peace to me.” San Marcos, California

“Lisa Gornall, an immensely gifted intuitive energy coach visits the spa for private sessions.” Ann Nelson, Awareness Magazine July/August 2016 Issue

“I enjoyed a peaceful Meditation session with Lisa on Sunday morning. The Meditation offered me a new way to step away from some of the Holiday stress. It was a positive, healthy way to start the day.” (Marylynn747, Trip Advisor Review, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, December 2016)

“Today I was at Meditation with Lisa. She was wonderful.” (Susan G, Trip advisor Review, The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe, December 2016)