Have More Energy – 8 EASY Daily Habits

Not enough time in your day? I hear this ALL the time and it gets worse with the holidays.

It may not feel like it, but you do have control over HOW you spend your time. The secret is to be intentional with HOW you spend your time. There are things you have to do for work but work time has to stop affecting all of your time – especially during the holidays.

What if you had work/life balance during the holiday season this year? What if your to dos got smaller?

The biggest complaint I hear:

There isn’t enough time.

Followed by:

I don’t have energy.

The good news is that I have 8 easy daily habits that I’m going to share with you to change that this holiday season. Daily habits are your key to creating a shift in your life that will reduce your stress and anxiety AND help you create that ever escaping work/life balance.

You can pick and choose which ones you want to start with. Don’t pick the ones that seem the hardest for you personally to do. Instead pick ones that will truly create a shift for you immediately and then start adding in the ones that are fun or easy until you’re doing them all.

8 Daily Habits to Have More Energy:

1. Create a work schedule and STICK to it.

This is very important! If you don’t create a work schedule what happens? You work ALL hours of the day and on the weekends adding to your stress and anxiety because you’re not doing anything else.

Create a work schedule that FEELS right to you. If it doesn’t feel right, you’re not going to do it. Bonus – have an end to the work day ritual or process to let go of what you didn’t get done and assign it to another day so you’re not carrying that energy (guilt) into your personal time.

2.  Schedule TIME with your people so it actually happens.

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What work/life balance will help you stop cancelling your plans?

Have family or friends you want to meet for lunch, dinner or drinks?

It’s common to say, we’ll get together...and it doesn’t happen. Or everyone puts it on their schedule and then they’re too tired to do it. STOP!

Make time for the people you want to see. You are here for more than your work. These lunches, dinners, drinks and events are the memories you’ll carry with you AND they bring you JOY.

You can use more joy. Make this a priority. Don’t squeeze it into your schedule, put it in their intentionally.

3. Start your day intentionally.

Instead of waking up and thinking, “I have to do this and this and this today…” and starting your day stressed and overwhelmed. STOP.

I highly recommend starting your day when you wake up or your alarm goes off with a meditationenergy work or by being grateful – I am grateful for ____. (Only say what you truly feel grateful for in that moment.)

4. Don’t immediately jump onto your phone, computer or devices when you wake up.

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How’s your energy vibration as you start your day – low or high?

Get ready for the day BEFORE you touch an email. Don’t check your phone for emails or just hit the floor running as this sets the tone for your whole day.

Go-go-go is how you’re exhausted in the afternoon. You’re not a machine. Don’t treat your body like you are one.

Tip – my phone is in the kitchen on silent at night and there are no devices in my room. My computer is set to sleep. What can you do to give yourself more time to be intentional with how you start your day so you flow better through your day?

5. Actually enjoy your morning beverage.

Don’t gulp down your favorite morning beverage while you’re checking emails, running around your house or getting ready for the day.

Feel the mug or glass. If it’s a warm beverage, breathe in the steam.

Slowly drink your morning beverage. Think about what you’re excited about doing today, appreciate what you see outside. Be grateful for the day ahead of you.

6. Take breaks throughout the day.

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What self-care will help you recharge AND be more productive?

How many breaks do you take during the day?

Most people don’t take any – lunch if it’s eaten is often eaten while you’re working, checking emails or catching up.

Block your schedule for lunch and actually eat your lunch and stay off technology. This allows you to look objectively at your day and course correct your afternoon as needed. Self-care is how you recharge and it makes you more efficient and productive.

7.  Move your body.

Do you sit in a desk all day looking at a computer?

That’s not good for your neck, back or hips. Schedule in a walk after lunch or at the end of your work day, stretches throughout the day as your body needs them or exercise to help release stress and take care of your body. Your body isn’t a machine – don’t treat it like one.

8.  Create a bedtime routine. (you had one when you were younger and it worked!) to help you destress and reset before you sleep. It helps create an end to the day. Here’s an article I wrote that gives you 7 simple tips to sleep at night.

The KEY is to be intentional with

HOW you spend your energy.

If you start your day running from task to task, that’s typically how your whole day will go.

Client Results:

One of my executive clients was struggling with time for herself. She had the role of two positions while they looked for someone to fill her old role, she has kids and a husband. She was overwhelmed trying to do it all. She would lose sleep at night to do things she wanted to do like read books.

Now she has created a balance in her work/life, she has TIME to do things that bring her joy and she keeps getting promotions (and raises!) without trying. We started with these tips in this article and we healed the energy that was driving her to overperform and that’s when things really shifted for her. Doing MORE wasn’t her answer and it’s not yours either. What is driving you to over perform? And to burn out?

Your goal isn’t to be more overwhelmed, overworked or stressed out. What are 2 things you can implement from above TODAY? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to hear it.

Start Your Day with LESS Stress

Are stress and anxiety running your life? I wonder…

How do you feel when you first wake up in the morning?

  • Do you feel refreshed? If you do, how long does that last? When do you stop feeling refreshed? Did you DO something that took away that refreshed feeling?
  • Overwhelmed? Why are you feeling overwhelmed when you wake up? What are you thinking about?
  • Exhausted thinking about the day ahead of you?

What do you do when you first wake up?

Do you do a meditation to align and balance your energy and start your day more peacefully?

Or do you check your phone for emails and messages and run into your workday before your feet even hit the floor?

Most people wake up and they’re running from task to task. You start with emails, messages, social media, news and your day is busy until when?

You’re getting stuck in go, go, go mode.

By starting your day immediately going into work mode, you’re not giving yourself the space to ease into your work day. Remember – you are here for more than your work.

One of the most important things you can do is create a morning routine that SETS the tone for your day.

What is your current morning routine? Does it set your day up for success? How do you FEEL about it?

Your morning routine SETS the tone for the rest of your day.

IF your morning routine creates more stress and anxiety for you, you’ll notice that carry throughout your day. If you feel calm and peaceful, that will carry through your day and when things come up that throw you out of balance, you’ll handle it better.

How can you start your day feeling balanced, peaceful and calm?

You get to decide how to start your day. When you create a routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day, you’ll feel more balanced as you start the day. This energy can then follow you into your morning at work.

These are the 3 Energy Healing Habits I recommend to my clients to start their day.

  1. Be intentional with your energy.
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Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes before you have to get out of bed.

Allow yourself to wake up and then use this time to:

  • Meditate
  • Bring in White Light
  • Set intentions for the day
  • Bring in abundance
  • Affirmations such as I am statements – I am peace, I am calm, all is well

If you allow yourself to wake up by doing things that are going to balance your energy, mindset and body, you’ll feel more calm and less rushed as you start your day.

2. Be intentional with your morning routines.

Give yourself ample time to wake up and step into your day. Try no technology the first 30 minutes you are up to allow you to be very present in your morning routines. Don’t rush through and get it all done fast, give yourself time to nurture your body for your workday.

  • Wash your face, apply your serums and moisturizer/sunscreen. Be grateful for the day ahead of you, for the things you GET to do. Appreciate your face and it’s features – your eyes allow you to see, you mouth allows you to eat, your nose allows you to smell, etc.
  • Get dressed. Choose a color that supports how you’re feeling. Appreciate your body (instead of judging it). Be grateful for your body as it allows you to do the things you want to do.
  • Prepare and drink your morning drink. DO NOT just gulp it down. Hold the glass or mug. Appreciate what you’re drinking. If it’s a steamy beverage, breathe in the steam. If it’s room temperature or cold, feel that in your hands. Think about your day – what are you excited to do? What is new? What is habitual? Do you need to schedule another break into your day?
  • Eat your breakfast. ENJOY the food, actually chew it and taste it. Be grateful for the food that is nourishing your body. Breathe. Eat. Enjoy. Don’t just grab junk or skip eating all together. What you eat here sets the tone for the rest of your eating habits that day – especially if you didn’t get any protein in your body.
  • If you exercise in the morning, be intentional with it. Release any stress or worries as you workout.

By being intentional with your morning routine, you allow yourself to start in a balanced place physically, mentally and energetically. Which is very different from jumping on your phone to check emails, messages, social media and now you’re running late so you’ll grab your drink and food and go. Very different!

3. Be intentional with your thoughts.

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Do you take time and energy to actually think about WHAT you think about your day? You should try it. How do you feel about what you’re going to do today? Do these thoughts support you or sabotage you? Most likely, you have certain things you’re going to have to do today no matter what – might as well approach them with the best energy you can.

  • Your tasks – what are you excited to do? What do you dread? How can you take on less?
  • Who you’ll interact with – how do you FEEL about this? What can you do to create the best outcome?
  • The goals you will reach – any big goals you’re going to reach today? Any small ones to start taking to reach bigger goals?
  • The impact you will make – what difference are you making with your team? Your friends and family? In the world?

Pay attention to HOW you FEEL about the things you have to do today. They’ll let you know what is going to be easy and what will be hard for you. You want to address the energy around the things that are hard for you to make them easier.

Creating a life you LOVE means not rushing through the day and this starts with having a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Part of your success in creating a morning routine that will start your day off right is balancing your energy when it gets off. Here’s an energy clearing meditation to help you stop stress, anxiety and bad energy. Here’s a meditation to help you raise your vibration.

Now that you know how to create a more peaceful morning routine, tell me below what you’re going to do differently tomorrow morning. I’m cheering you on and can’t wait to hear how you raise your energy vibration in the morning and how it impacts the rest of your day.