How to Clear Negative Energy this Holiday Season

As we approach the holidays, there is a lot of old energy that tries to step in and guide you. You let it in through generational patterns, old beliefs and patterns. It’s been engrained into you.

Many things are shifting right now and you will find that you are ready to be free, move forward and get unstuck. That is no accident!

You are being guided right now to let go of the things that are holding you back so you can step into your purpose in a bigger way. The holidays bring up a lot of OLD, heavy stuff. Triggers, wounds, old pains and a lot of focus on negativity – which energetically attracts in more negativity.

Let’s dive into the different types of energy that affect and guide you, whether you’re aware of it or not!

Types of Energy:

1. Positive Energy

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Positive energy is described as visually seeing or feeling light and or love. This energy feels good. You feel supported and balanced. It feels easier to move forward.

Notice that when you go outside and stand in the sun, you feel lighter and freer.

You’ll find you feel better and more positive in the light than in darkness. Sunny days can feel like you can do more because you feel like you have more energy.

Affirmations are easier to say. Abundance feels easier. Obstacles are easier to overcome or find a work around. Life feels more positive when you’re in a positive energy space. People and animals will want to be in your energetic space.

2. Negative Energy

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Negative energy is the opposite of positive energy. It’s the absence of love, the absence of light. It is fears, stress, worry, darkness, etc. It feels dark, heavy, like it’s holding you back. Truthfully, this is an illusion and it easily disappears into the light.

Think about when you’ve had a bad day, it feels dark and often you overcome it by doing something to help you shake it or move back into positive energy. It’s easier to be in a negative space energetically on dark and cloudy days.

Negativity is spread easily and often in the media and in entertainment. It sells for some reason. It attaches to your fears and insecurities. It feels more powerful than it is (light conquers darkness always.)

When you are afraid, worry about someone else or something, think bad thoughts about someone, get mad at someone, etc…you are spreading negative energy.

This energy is a little easier to clear than the negative energies in the next section.

Negative Energies, Entities, Demons, etc.

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Negative Energies are things that attach to your energy, a chakra or two if they really are hooked into you. These energies require your energy as a power source. They pretend to help you, attach your energy system and will stay until you release them.

They will “help” you with whatever you’re struggling with. But really, they just hold you back, keep you comfortable in your fear and prevent you from moving forward.

These energies take more energy to get rid of because they do not want to leave. Remember the movie, “Ghost,” the black/gray things that would go into the sewers? That is what these look like.

How do they attach?

You let them.

I know that is not what you want to hear and it seems scary but at some point, whatever you were dealing with, you allowed them to attach to you to “help” you with something.

Everyone has allowed a negative energy to attach to them – no one is immune. Not even me. I’ve got some good stories on how I released energies from myself as well as others that were quite stubborn and pretended to be super strong.

I had one blow out a candle when I was taking a shower trying to release it. It left me in the dark – that just gave me the strength to see what it was doing to me and gave me the power to let it go.

What do they “help” you with?

Let’s be clear. They do not really help you. It is an illusion they are helping you.

They need you, they do not exist without your energy. You do not need them in any way. You typically let them in when you are in a bad place and they stay and get more powerful as you give them more power over you.

When do they attach to you?

  1. When you are afraid. It is crazy to think about but when you are afraid sometimes you do not want to be alone, so you let them attach to you to “help” you. They will remain with you until you let them go. They often try to keep you in the place of fear otherwise you will let them go. Often, you have to do letting go to overcome the original fear and then let go of the energy as well.
  2. When you are in a situation that you do not want to leave but cannot stay without trying to leave, you will often allow an energy to attach to you to keep you there. By allowing this energy to attach to you, you are keeping yourself stuck, you lower your energy and you make it possible to stay in that relationship or job that is no longer working but you are not quite ready to leave yet.

How to free your energy?

Let them go. The moment you are aware of the negative energy you are creating (or allowing into your life) or the energies you have attached to you, you no longer need them.

It is time to let them go and free yourself. Here’s a short video I did that helps you free your energy. Here’s a video that helps you clear a negative energy or spirit from your space.

Letting go of negativity and energies is something I was born being able to see and do. You have the ability to let them go too (after all you let them in) but sometimes you need help the first few times because they seem scary and you are uncertain and they will feed on that.

  • What are you holding onto and why?
  • Does it help or hurt you?
  • How are you affecting the people around you.
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Letting go is NOT a one and done thing. You are still here, that means you are healing and growing. Letting go is an ongoing process where there is energy for you to clear that appears from this life and others every single day. In my first book pictured to the right, I wrote 40 pages about letting go!

You can find energy blocks by bringing in the White Light and noticing where it’s harder to bring the White Light in or where you see darkness, gray, etc. What are you going to clear today?