3 Easy Practices to Reclaim Your Abundance Mindset

There are two things I hear from every successful entrepreneur I talk and work with:

  1. You absolutely LOVE your work – it is your passion, sometimes your everything.
  2. No matter how much money is FLOWING into your bank accounts – it isn’t enough.

You admit that you continue to make more and more money yet it just isn’t enough.

The question becomes why are YOU driven to acquire more money?

Is it from a place of fear – not having enough?

Or is it from a place of abundance – allowing more to flow in easily and effortlessly?

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For most successful entrepreneurs, FEAR is in charge.

Your drive for success comes from a time when you did not have control or financial resources to help you. It could be from this life experience or another. Regardless of how, you have a strong drive to be completely independent.

You WORRY about:

  • Being okay financially
  • Having enough
  • FAILURE – Losing everything
  • Money – it just keeps you awake at night or wakes you up
  • Retirement
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These are all FEARS.

Fears keep you in scarcity. They energetically have power over you.

You know fears are in control when you have money flowing in but it is NEVER enough.

No matter how much money is flowing into your bank account, you NEED more.

The problem is that from a place of fear and need, you create more fear and need – not abundance. You keep putting the gas on abundance then slamming on the break – here’s a video on this.

This place of need becomes a prison that you feel you cannot escape and it becomes your reality.

Let those fears go and regain control of your inner game!

What you create in your mind, you create around you. Balance begins by creating thoughts that are going to help you get where you would like to go.

Every thought you think and every word you use is creating your reality in this moment.

This moment shapes the next and things are put into motion and become reality without you even realizing it.

Pay attention to family patterns, thoughts and beliefs that are shaping your experiences and notice if they are still supporting you or if it is time for new ones.

How are fears and doubts limiting or preventing you by making you focus on what you don’t have instead of on what you DO HAVE?

3 Easy Practices to Reclaim Your Abundance Mindset

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1. Be Grateful

Being grateful is the most powerful thing you can do to overcome your fears and doubts. It immediately puts you into the present moment and attracts more of these things into your life.

First pause.

Imagine stopping or freezing the thought – I don’t have enough.

Let that thought go and immediately be grateful for something you are truly grateful for in this moment (not what you think you SHOULD be grateful for) and you’ve reclaimed your power in that moment.

I am grateful for ____________.

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2. Use “I am” Statements

“I am” is the most powerful thing you can say. Whatever comes after is what you create.

Think about it:

  • “I am struggling to pay my bills.” This makes you anxious, feel like you don’t have enough and it makes you see your bank account draining – not growing because it CAN pay all your bills easily and effortlessly.
  • “I am poor.” You’ll notice no matter what your bank account says, it is not enough. You don’t think you can spend your money on you without negating how you are spending it.

Try these instead:

  • “I am abundant.”
  • “I am whole.”
  • “I am free.”
  • “I am supported.”
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3. Everyday Do an Abundance Energy Work Meditation

This meditation will help you allow abundance to flow into you and into everything around you (the best energy work practice because we are all one and connected.)

Consciously let abundance flow into you and let go of anything that is blocking it.

Bring the White Light through the crown of your head, into your feet, and into the Earth. It is a steady stream and you feel safe, comfortable, and at peace.

Let go of any fears, limitations, or things that are blocking you at this moment. Release them to the Universe, push them out of your body, and then bring the White Light through your body again.

Imagine soft pink or soft green flowing into the front of your chest, into your arms and into everything around you.

Allow the energy to flow into your chest until it feels complete.

If you find yourself stopping the energy or feeling like it is too much, you have more letting go to do. Let go of whatever is limiting you and then imagine the soft pink or soft green flowing into your chest again.

Open your eyes when you are ready.

My clients, other successful female entrepreneurs, notice a huge difference when they do this exercise versus when they don’t because what you put out energetically comes back to you!

Practice this meditation in the morning before you get out of bed or at night before you go to sleep.

These 3 practices will help you shift your beliefs on money from fear to abundance.

From a place of abundance, you attract in more abundance.

Let’s energetically go with the flow of abundance and not upstream with fears about not having enough.

I am abundant.

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If you would like a 5 minute guided, energy healing meditation to help you calm your mind down at night or to help you start your day, here is one for you.

Lisa Gornall is a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Coach. She is also an author, speaker and offers event support.

Lisa uses her intuitive abilities to coach career driven women at or near their breaking point to reset. Get your head, energy and life on point. Let’s get back to that freedom lifestyle you originally envisioned!  All Rights Reserved Lisa Gornall 2019