Reviews – In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance

I could spend another 10 minutes listing all the wonderful points I’ve picked up from your book. I love the simple way it is laid out, and how I can pick it up and start at any chapter that appeals to me. I probably should read it more often, but it remains in my travel bag with easy access to read on every flight. It is beautifully written, and I thouroughly enjoy it, remembering so many points you raise in it. Dublin, Ireland

Incredible Insight
This book has been immensely helpful, even transformative, in how I view the world around me. With Lisa’s insight, one is able to create a necessary buffer when circumnavigating a challenging day or more. I personally have been able to see things through a more positive lens, and have completely turned around an otherwise dismal experience through simple yet monumental advice, exercises, and mantras.It doesn’t take a special someone to grasp the principles included here, just an open mind and a willingness to see things a little differently than many of us are used to. It’s not that you’ll magically stop having life throw you a curve ball once in a while, but it WILL allow you to see things much clearer and allow you to move toward what you want while avoiding what you don’t. Life will still happen all around you, you’ll just be able to focus on the good stuff and be a happier person with the tools you’re given between this book’s covers. Highly recommended for anyone looking to change their perspective. You’ll soon pass this book along to (or buy multiple as gifts for) people in your life that you KNOW could use a little nudge. Brian S. Johnston

Lower your stress!
It’s been about 6 months since I first reviewed the book and I wanted to update my review. I had the privilege of eulogizing a good friend and family member two days ago. As I prepared for it and as I stood there actually giving it I remembered the tools of the book to not only get through it, but to make it a meaningful tribute. Right at the beginning of the eulogy I froze, overcome with emotion, but by remembering Lisa’s words I found my center and voice. Below is my original review…

It’s easy to tell yourself to calm down, find balance and relax, but I know actually doing it is another thing. Lisa’s book is a useful tool to deal with issues and find balance. I use the tools she gives in the book all the time and it allows me to focus and solve whatever negative things that arise. Lisa provides you truly practical tools to better your life. Darwin

This book offered such great insight. Lisa has provided a well written, simple to follow, guide for us to practice. The way I view life, responsibilities, family, friends and coworkers has changed greatly. The impact this knowledge has on my life today is amazing. I live happier, healthier and everyone around me seems to be catching onto this new wave of energy I have discovered. And this is all because of what I learned from Lisa. Those difficulties that I must tackle from time to time are so much easier to navigate through. Wish I had this knowledge years ago!!! Joan S.

Life Changer Indeed!
This book was so much more than I could ever expect. The content and the way it was written could help anyone with anything at any stage in their life. This made me aware of things that I think I always knew of but was slightly afraid to take the next step to explore more in. This book made me feel safe for me to go to the next level. It is beautifully written and I will always hold onto this no matter where I go in life to fall back and refer to when life’s bumps get in the way. I highly recommend this for anyone and everyone. Alicia Stephens

Great Reference Manual
Reading Lisa’s book and using the tools she provides opens up a whole new world of peace, light, and balance. She makes it clear and easy to understand how to bring in energy, meditate to de-stress, and deal with changes. The exercises are well-worth practicing. I gained valuable insight and a unique perspective on how to handle the recent challenges in my life and keep my sanity in the process! It’s great to have for reinforcement. I refer back to it once a week or more. A must-read for anyone who wants to improve their quality of life amidst the craziness of it all! Di

Highly Recommend this Book
If you are ready for a life changing book this is it. Lisa has the knowledge and insight to guide you into a new realm of thought and how to use energy in its purest form thus changing the circumstances in your life. 5 stars in just the beginning! Highly recommend this book. Steve

A True Life Changer!
I gave this book a five star rating because it has made such a difference in my life! I have 3 boys and sometimes trying to find balance among all the distractions feels impossible. In this book, Lisa Gornall hands you the tools to make it possible! I found not only peace within the relationships around me but within myself, which was the most important step! This is an incredible handbook for life with specific and practical ways to gain or regain balance for a better life! Hallie5

Lisa’s book is very informative! At the end of many chapters, Lisa has included very applicable exercises that applies what she spoke about in that particular chapter.
This is a fantastic resource, and I feel so lucky to have a copy of my own!!! Pamela Lipinski

Love this Book!
This book is an excellent guide to help me through everyday challenges in life as well as some big picture items. It has great tips and tools as well as some wonderful exercises. It really helps put things into perspective! I will be referring back to this book for many years. So excited to read the next book by Lisa Gornall! Rebecca

Amazing Book!
Wow! Where do I begin? This book is amazing! It has helped me so much. I felt like so many of the sections were written specifically for me and things that are going on in my life. I use parts of this book on a daily basis. I know I will go back to different parts of this book as needed in the future. I can’t recommend it enough! April