Reviews – Energy Balance: My Guide to Transformation

This Book is An Incredible Tool to Help Transform Your Life!
I am so grateful that Lisa chose to write another book after she published, “In Light & Love: My Guide to Balance.” In this, Volume II, “Energy Balance: My Guide to Transformation,” I was not only able to apply what I learned from her first book, but I was able to develop effective tools that help me successfully navigate through my everyday life. Being that I wasn’t happy with the direction that my life was headed, I knew that Lisa’s focus on transformation was everything! The simple, concise, and specific exercises that she provides are powerful. This book helped me to better understand the energy that I was creating in my life and how that energy was throwing me off-balance. I learned how to begin to trust that I can be whole and that I am ready to experience a world that connects me to my life’s purpose. If you’re ready to learn how to transform your life and live a more balanced existence, THIS BOOK is for you! Erica Boddie

So well put together. Gave me the tools to continue what I started in book 1. It’s a book that will come into your life throughout life. Ted H.

One of the few books with a permanent place in my nightstand!
I highly recommend this book! After reading it, it is one of the few books that I’ve kept in my nightstand to read anytime I don’t have a novel or other book I’m reading. Many times I just flip the book open to see what message Lisa has for me in that moment, or I re-read and do one of the many exercises in the book such as reconnecting with the white light, or the present moment exercise among many others. This book is very practical and easy to follow, and when you apply what you read, IT WORKS – which is why this book is in my nightstand to remind and guide me. I look forward to more books by this author. Laura Grant

Important reference guide for life!! This book expands on the first book and focuses a lot on what we all struggle with…CHANGE! How do we balance all that is going on in our life thru all the changes we face? It can be so difficult, but the author of this book knows that and it is like she is talking directly to you! My teenage son and I both read it and it has helped him with relationships, High School and all the changes he is going thru! As a result, we both have tools to communicate better! A must have book for balance and peace thru changes in today’s world!! Hallie5

This book is wonderful! As I’m going through some life-altering changes, this book has guided me on how to trust that everything will work out perfect. When I’m starting to question everything, I can turn to this book and immediately feel better. I know I can surrender and trust. There are a ton of great tools that can be used at any time that immediately shifts how I’m feeling and gets me back on track. A must have book to help with the rest of your life! Rebecca

Lisa has been instrumental in helping me learn how to make the best of myself every day. The tools she has provided are easy to understand and implement and my life is simpler, healthier and much more enjoyable. Sure wish I had taken advantage of this years ago. I am thankful every day for Lisa’s teachings. Amazon Customer

Lisa is one of the next awakened women on our planet! Her guidance and understanding of energy work is outstanding. I highly recommend this book if you’re feeling stuck or just want more out of life. Lisa will guide you into a new paradigm. Steve

Such easy tools to follow to get me back on track, loved this book for making my life easy again! Lisa E Pattison

One of the best books I have ever read…….life changing! Amazon Customer