Reviews – Energy Awareness: My Guide to Balanced Relationships

This Book is a MUST HAVE
The last year and a half I have been going through major changes in many relationships in my life. I’ve had the privileged to have this book with me recently through some major changes. Every time I read this book, I am in a different place in my life with those relationships, and every time, I get something completely different from the book that is helpful in a way it could not have been before. I cannot describe how important this book is, and continues to be for me as my life and relationships change. I know it’s something that will help and guide me throughout my life. Thank you Lisa Gornall for the gift of your knowledge! Rebecca

Such a huge help for all of my relationships! Practical and straightforward advice on creating more peaceful relationships in your life by being aware of your energy and the energy of those you choose to bring into it. A timely and necessary read for anyone who would like to improve the relationships they are in or learn how to end ones that are not working anymore by trusting and looking within yourself! Love, Love this book and keep it out to reference any time I am feeling stuck. Thank you Lisa! Hallie5

A must read!
Having read both of Lisa’s other books and worked with her as a coach, I was really looking forward to reading this book. And it definitely did not disappoint. Couples looking to get married, couples looking to improve their marriages, and anyone who would like to know how to be in a good, healthy relationship of any kind will benefit infinitely from reading this book. Might even save you a few 💵 and a lot of ⏰ in a therapist’s office! Di