Lisa is able to speak in front of any size group and is able to engage and connect with the participants because she can feel when people are not interested in something, need more help understanding or which topics will really help the group.

Possible topics are any combination of: Balance, Mindfulness, Abundance, Letting Go, Relationships, Energy Awareness, Balance during Change, Living Consciously, Intuition, Boundaries, Motivational Speaking, Energy Clearing, etc. When Lisa speaks, she has an outline of what the organizers would like covered but she also flows with the energy of the group, so no speaking events are identical.

Speaking usually ends in a mini guided meditation or visualization that will best suit the group in that moment. Energy work is an option if it fits with the group and what they would like to learn about as well, which will make the event memorable and helpful for all the participants.

Pricing depends on location, amount of time, topics to be covered, how much energy work will be incorporated and if the group will each get a book as a take away. Lisa’s books or the whole series can be purchased ahead of time for participants or they can be sold after the speaking event if that is useful for your group.

Contact Us with your event details for more information.