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Intuitive Event Support

Putting on an event takes a lot of energy. It’s great to have the event coordinator or retreat planner to take care of all the details but you’re still left with holding the energy for your team and participants. That can be overwhelming and exhausting.

You know the details are taken care of with your amazing event coordinator and team. All you have to do is show up with your energy, knowledge and be able to be “on” all day, every day of the event. Sounds easy but if you’ve ever done an event, you know it’s not. That’s why Tony Robbins and other high-level entrepreneurs and facilitators have energetic support at every event.

Normally when you do an event, you feel frazzled and sick, you toss and turn all night and wake up feeling awful because you are anxious. You have the perfect clothes but you don’t have the energy that attracts the perfect clients to you. You get through the event holding things together by a thread just waiting for it to be over. When it comes to your big offer, you don’t have the captivating energy to show up and your offer fizzles. You wake up the next day and are frustrated with the results. You wonder how it can be different next time.

There is another way.

Imagine if you felt supported, balanced and fully connected with your audience throughout the event?

You wake up feeling refreshed, you have energy to be yourself and have fun throughout the day, nothing rattles you, you’re calm, you take time to enjoy your food, you sleep well at night and you produce an amazing event with amazing results.

Wouldn’t you rather feel this way instead of how you normally feel?

Imagine if your participants were energetically supported too? It is a game changer!

Lisa offers Intuitive Event support to not only you but your team and attendees before, during and after the entire event allowing you to have a smooth, successful outcome.

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What is Intuitive Event Support?

Intuitive Event Support is the fastest and easiest way to feel aligned, clear, energized, balanced and focused throughout your event.

It takes an intuitive expert to energetically hold space, provide energy work that supports all participants (even those NEW to energy work) and knowing how and when to balance the energy at an event for everyone so that everyone can level-up and get the desired results from the event. 

How This Works:

Lisa offers 3 packages to work with the needs of each event:
1. Complete Support – The entire event including host, team and participants
2. Participant Support – Individual sessions for participants at the event to enhance their experience 
3. Host Support – Support for the host throughout the event

These video testimonials say it all!

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