Online and In Person

Small group workshops are designed to help you practice what you are learning in a supportive, interactive, “hands on” environment. All workshops have energy work in them so participants can practice in a safe environment. Typically, participants are all working on similar items at some level energetically and the support of others in the workshop is helpful in creating shifts in your life.

Workshops are an affordable way to do energy work because it is in a group setting. How much time and how in depth we go into each item depends on the energy and responsiveness of the group. Some areas may require more time than others. The workshop will flow based on what Lisa is getting intuitively to teach and work on with the participants, so no two workshops are identical. You will only share what you are comfortable sharing with others if there is time to do so.

If you would like to do this with a small group, please contact Lisa to schedule one, minimum number of participants is 4. The workshop can be held in San Marcos, California or Lisa can travel to your group. Travel time may be charged for areas outside of northern San Diego.