Imagine being able to completely relax, be free and be in this moment.

Lisa offers intuitively guided, energy clearing and balancing meditations as an easy way to help people begin or continue with their meditation practice. She works with people that have never meditated before and with people that go on retreats with famous meditation guides. She has offered meditations on Sunday mornings for two years at The Spa at the Inn in Rancho Santa Fe and currently offers them to residents at Driftwood Spa, Four Seasons Residence Club Aviara.

Clients that normally have a hard time meditating and those that meditate regularly find this experience invaluable, enlightening, empowering and amazing. The energy work meditation flows with what will help each participant best in that moment. Lisa is able to energetically become one with all participants and feel when participants get lost in their minds and in their bodies and help them re-center and be. There can be time after the mediation to talk about what participants saw or experienced if they would like to in a safe environment.

In our fast-paced, always connected world, people are burned out, exhausted and have no time for themselves. Intuitively guided meditations with Lisa will help you re-center, re-connect and re-balance. To schedule a meditation for your group, please contact Lisa.