Energy Clearings

Energy, Spirit, and Entity Clearings

These clearings can be done over the phone, Skype or in person if you are in San Diego.

Energy clearings often become a small part of the energy work Lisa does but this service is specifically for energy clearing of spaces, land, spirits, negative energies, entities, removing curses, etc.

Energy Clearings with Lisa are complete energy work. This service focuses on clearing a specific “thing” and teaching you how to do it also. There is no sage used. She energetically clears the space and teaches you where certain energy has been stored and why, how to keep it clear, and she teaches you as she clears the space and refills it with positive energy.

When to do an Energy Clearing?

  • – When you share walls, energy clearings are key to keeping your neighbor’s energy out of your space!
  • – After guests leave your house.
  • – When there has been a lot of stress or changes in your family’s life because that energy gets dumped all over your house.
  • – Before or after¬† you move into a new space (whether at home or work), it is good to have the energy of the previous occupants energy cleared.

For more details and to pay for an energy clearing, see below.