Are you starting or going through a change?

Change is so much easier with weekly energy work, intuitive support and guidance.

Lisa intuitively supports, empowers and guides you through your change in this year long, private session program.

Imagine HOW this would change your life right now?

Your journey is unique. Every session within your package is intuitively tailored to what will best help you in that moment on your journey of transformation.

This program helps you:

  • Create balance during this change
  • Focus and reclaim your energy
  • Feel more confident and empowered in stressful situations
  • Step into your TRUTH!
  • Be EMPOWERED onto your BEST PATH during this change

What you get in the 12 week program:

  • 48 private, 60 minute sessions (to be used within 52 weeks but you can use more quickly if you need extra support)
  • Access into a secret, closed Facebook group for extra support for my private clients
  • The “In Light & Love” 3 book series to help you each week
  • A spot in the Revitalize in Crete, luxury retreat to Greece October 6-13, 2019
  • Intuitive support, clarity and direction through this change!

What RESULTS can you expect:

  • Learn how to ENERGIZE your physical body and create BALANCE
  • Move past fear and doubt by SHIFTING your INNER GAME
  • Stop searching and FIND FULFILLMENT in yourself and other relationships
  • Eliminate overwhelm in your relationships and business AND get CLARITY on your next step
  • Feeling SUPPORTED, empowered and balanced through this change

The BEST clients for this program are:

  • Looking for SUPPORT through this change
  • Overwhelmed, very stressed and are ready to BALANCE
  • Ready to reclaim your power, relationships, inner game and energy
  • Have lost fulfillment and passion and are ready to RECLAIM it!

Lisa can work with you anywhere in the world!

Sessions are most often held via Zoom as Lisa does not need to be near you to read your energy.

If you are in the San Diego area, sessions can be in person or online.

If the private sessions are not in your price range but you are interested in working with Lisa, please check out her semi-private monthly offering.

If you would like intuitive support through this change, you are READY, and you are financially able to invest into a high end program for YOU, sign up here for your Connection Call – a 15 minute informational meeting with Lisa to see if you are a fit for each other and the best way you can work together.

No coaching or energy work will be done during the Connection Call.

What clients are saying:

“I feel the growth and shift. Thankful for you, Lisa. Love you.” Nashville, TN

“I look forward to my sessions every week. So grateful.” San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much for everything!!! I am so thankful I went to the group session and knew I needed your help and guidance. I hope you know how much I am grateful for you!!! I could never have done this without you! I hope you know how your work has helped me and changed my life! I love you!!!” San Marcos, CA

“I highly recommend working with Lisa. She totally balances me every week and I look forward to our time together.” Boca Raton, FL

“Lisa is an incredibly gifted healer. She has the ability to intuitively connect with you, see and remove energetic blocks and facilitate deep transformation from the inside out. I’ve worked with many healers (from Hypnotherapists to NLP practitioners to Reiki Masters!) and I can honestly say that Lisa’s work is exceptional. If you have the opportunity to work with her, do not pass it up. It will change your life!” Escondido, CA