Alignment Sessions

Lisa will energetically work with whatever problems you tell her about and whatever she is getting to energetically work with you on during this time. The session will involve creating a safe space, letting go, re-filling with positive energy and easy to do visualizations or exercises (you can also do as homework) to help you with whatever is happening in your life. She is able to help you let go of the past (from this life and other experiences), be in this moment and get back on track. Every session with Lisa is different, it just depends on what will best help you on your path in that moment. That is what you will work on with Lisa. Lisa will be supporting your energy and guiding you along the way.

There is nothing to worry about in a session with Lisa, she hears all types of problems, dilemmas, and deep, dark secrets that people believe to be awful. She will listen to you from a place of light and love about what is bothering you, she will also intuitively know what else is happening that is ready to be healed, and she will help you learn how to energetically clear it and begin again. In every moment, we begin anew. Your thoughts create your words and ultimately your reality.

60 minute Alignment Sessions are a perfect time for you to work with Lisa individually to really focus on you and get your energy and the energy around you back in balance. This is also a good coaching session to purchase for a couple to work on anything that is causing problems in their relationship to help them re-balance and re-connect energetically, emotionally and physically.

Alignment Sessions are held over the telephone or Skype. If you are in the San Diego area, you can work together in person if you would like.

How long and often you should work with Lisa depends on you and your situation. After all, it took you years to create your habits and the best way to create new ones is with support.