Alignment Sessions

Balance, what is that in this day and age?

I bet you can relate to one of these: feeling bad, stuck, uncertain, worried, scared, afraid of the unknown, having a hard time, ready for a change and not sure what that change is? Your body, mind, emotions and relationships can take being out of balance for a minute and then they try to self-correct. Somehow, you can rationalize away those signs and signals until one day you cannot be in this place a second longer and you do not know how to fix it and get back in balance. That is where this program comes in.

Through the years, Lisa found that client’s find one session AMAZING and helpful, but it is not enough to really make a dent in lifelong fears, patterns, beliefs and behaviors. The only way to really create a shift is by having a period of time to create new patterns, beliefs and behaviors and that is what this program gives you.

Energy constantly shifts within and around you, so the key to balance is truly knowing what helps you in different situations get back into alignment in that moment. A variety of tools are necessary to help you at different times with different triggers. This package with Lisa guides you on your journey to being in balance and helps you change those old patterns, beliefs, fears and energies that have been around you your whole life. This three month program provides you with the support, guidance and energy work to create changes that will be easy for you to use everyday and it is the only way to work with Lisa in individual sessions.

Every session within your package is intuitively tailored to what will best help you in that moment on your journey. Your journey is unique so use this program to help you get into balance and watch things start shifting and aligning in your life.

These 1:1 sessions help you:

Re-connect with your body, mind, emotions and intuition (you will be surprised to learn how much you are ignoring!)
Reclaim your energy
Feel more confident and empowered in stressful situations
Resolve emotional pain
Find the best path for you to follow, especially during changes

You will walk away with:

Easy to do visualizations or exercises to help you balance your energy at any time (you will also do as homework)
Understanding the energy exchanges in your life, your role, and how to shift them
Being able to draw boundaries at work and in your relationships
More energy
Learning how to live in the present moment and consciously
Knowing how you can help others and stop worrying about them
Connecting with and trusting your abilities and intuition

Clients choose to work with Lisa in Alignment Sessions for:

Help with changes in their life (relationship, work, and the loss of someone special)
When they feel stuck and do not know what to do
Out of balance and overwhelmed
When they have to make a change they are afraid to make
Support when they are trying to accomplish a goal (license, degree, personal goal)

Alignment Sessions are most often held online as Lisa does not need to be near you to read your energy. If you are in the San Diego area, you can work together in person or online.

Sign up here for your Fitting Meeting, an informational meeting with Lisa to see the best way you can work together. No coaching or energy work will be done during this time.